Housing Financing

Our goal is to meet all customer expectations, so we try to meet as many customers’ needs as possible and simplify the construction of the usual home and housing financing as much as possible. There are currently several financing options for housing. One way to get a home loan is when a modular house is built and registered on the client’s land. The second option is to get a mortgage loan when the client does not have their own plot of land but has chosen to like or choose from the options we offer. In such cases, we build a house on a plot of land, and the client is left to apply to the bank and get a mortgage to buy real estate.

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First stage

We listen to your expectations, complete the house according to your needs and provide a house estimate with a fixed price. An initial deposit of 30% is required for the production of the house.


Second stage

After receiving the initial payment, we start the production of the house. We deliver the finished house to the place chosen by the client and register. 


Third stage

After registering the house, the client has to apply to the bank with all the documents for obtaining a mortgage.

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