LYFIO – official representative of Ryterna Modul

Vmodul is the official representative of Ryterna Modul in the market of modular residential houses. Ryterna, which started operations in 1993, is now well known as a manufacturer of high-quality modular homes in Lithuania and in Europe.

We specialize in modular buildings, containers and mobile buildings. Our team consists of more than 250 experienced professionals in their field. Always increasing demand for modular buildings is driving the expansion of production. We pay special attention to the professional development of our specialists. We send our team members to trainings not only in Lithuania, but also abroad.

We are constantly striving to improve and implement innovations, for this reason we can present solutions that have not been seen in the modular house market yet, which are valued not only in Lithuania, but also in Europe.

Patalpos kariuomenei, LV​

Military building, LV

Kindergarten, LT

Surfboard rental space, LT

Why you should choose LYFIO?

Protecting the environment

We are responsible not only for what we produce, but also for the impact we have on the environment around us. Protecting the environment around us:

• reduce air pollution and introduce new cleaner production technologies;
• reduce waste and pollutants;
• rational use of raw materials, materials and energy;
• manage the impact of the raw materials and materials used on the environment;
• we responsibly sort and deliver all waste for recycling;
• we monitor and evaluate the existing impact on the environment, we constantly reduce it;
• We give priority to suppliers who protect the environment.

Energy saving

We pay special attention to the energy in our activities - we try to save energy and work ecologically. To minimize damage to nature:

• plan consumption and save energy;
• we systematically assess energy consumption;
• we constantly monitor and update data on energy flows;
• periodically evaluate the results of energy savings;
• We are constantly planning additional ways to use energy efficiently.

VMODUL - prefab homes in 3 months

Vmodul projektas yra skirtas pakeisti modulinių namų rinką. Pirmieji siūlome A++ naudingumo klasės modulinius namus, kurių efektyvumas pasiektas pasyviu būdu. Ypatingą dėmesį modulinių namų gamyboje skiriame aplinkos saugojimui bei energijos tausojimui. Mažiname oro taršą, mažiname teršalų kiekį, rūšiuojame ir perdirbame atliekas. 

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